Church Picnics

Is your church family looking for a place to share a very special day together? If so, High Meadow resort is a great choice for your church picnic, whether from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York or Rhode Island.  Our all-inclusive package includes use of the facilities, an attentive staff, a menus that overlap all day, and entertainment for all ages.  Your committee members do the paperwork, take reservations, collect money, coordinate transportation and keep in touch with us  about attendance as the day draws closer.  Then once you arrive at High Meadow, our staff takes over - cooking, serving, cleaning, entertaining - that's our job - so you can relax and enjoy the day, along with everyone else.

We host church picnics on certain Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season.  Not every Saturday or Sunday is available, so please be sure to ask us specifically which dates are.