Company Picnics

Today's business climate is hyper-competitive. You bend over backward for your customers and scramble for your shareholders. Your workforce, your team, is pushed and pulled in many different directions every day. They are the ones doing the bending and the scrambling, don't let another year pass by without the simplest of gestures to say thank you.

Call us, book a date to bring them out for the day, or after work, meet their kids, meet their spouses, let them know you're human too.  Or make it employees only, do some relationship building, have some fun, enjoy a freshly prepared picnic, be casual, no suits, no heels, no pressure.  Shared Event

We'll do all the work, you reap all the rewards.

Still think you're just too busy, they're just too busy? We get it.  We'll come to you, at your place. We'll bring the fun, the food, the friendliness.

Give us a call...800-533-0029 or shoot us an for some ideas.

Here's just a small sampling: