Exclusive Events

Some groups are able to enjoy exclusive use of High Meadow, if the group or the budget is large enough.

Typically for a Saturday or Sunday event during July and August, we require a minimum guarantee of 800 or more guests. In May, June and September, the minimum requirement could be 125 to 300, depending on the date desired.

If you can guarantee at least 125 adult guests, you might consider holding your exclusive event on a weekday afternoon-evening "SPLASH" party, in July, August or September. The weather is warm and there’s plenty of time to play outside before sunset, then follow-up with dancing and indoor games after dark. The pool area is lit for evening swimming – thus the term – “splash” party. PLEASE NOTE (We do not host weekday events before 4:30 pm during July and August when our day camp is in session).

With exclusive use of High Meadow we can easily customize the menu and entertainment features to suit the needs of the group.

Click below for the sample outing packages for exclusive-use:

Held on Saturdays and Sundays from May through September, or available weekdays in May, June, August or September

Parties are held on the weekdays in late June, and throughout July, August and September

May be added to your event